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Maisons 322


Welcome to a private address in Bois-Plage-en-Ré, that invites you to experience an exclusive life on the charentais archipelago. 

Nestled in one of the 10 island villages, 4 guest houses make up a hamlet of the typical architectural style of house on the Ile de Ré; 

4 distinct looks for 4 soulful houses, in which the atmosphere of days gone by and the owners’ love for details meld with nature to keep the sharing spirit and hospitality alive.

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Photographed by Gaelle Le Boulicaut 
Instagram : @gaelleleboulicautpics
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La secrète

This “Sleeping Beauty” house whose architecture is typical of the island, can be compared to a novel. Its hushed language brings your senses to life while the comfortable materials invite you to idleness and surrender.

An intimate atmosphere emanates from this house where carefully bargain-hunted furniture whet your imagination and raw and natural materials whisper the story of the island.

Village house with garden and terrace for 5 guests


L’Insolite mirrors the natural environment of the rock where she is rooted with the three colours blue, green and earth.

This raw and sophisticated house won’t let you unmoved. 

Inside and outside combine through materials and natural shades either organic or mineral. L’Insolite has both foot rooted in the rétais ground and the head in the blue charentais sky.

Village house with garden and terrace for 4 guests

Photographed by Gaelle Le Boulicaut 
Instagram : @gaelleleboulicautpics
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La flamboyante

YOLO. Here is the eccentric.

La Flamboyante is mischievous allowing the imagination to run free. 

Fresh and happy, this guest house and B&B introduces you to the eclectic and inspiring atmosphere of an artist’s workshop. As generous and big-hearted as the island, la Flamboyante is designed for big families and groups of friends and shares her quirky mood with her guests.

This old winery with an exotic garden, a swimming-pool with a movable floor and a terrace is the place where you can share warm friendly moments and build memories with your bunch of friends.

La Lumineuse

Radiant and bright, this guest house shares her spirit with passing  guests visiting the island.

Generous spaces, elegant loftiness and a genuine rétaise touch convey the pleasant air of family house or boarding house.

There are 6 signature suites, a substantial garden with a swimming-pool equipped with a movable floor, a tiny vegetable garden near the kitchen and a beautiful versatile studio perfect for peaceful holistic activities.

An authentic residence with unrivalled clarity, where the meticulous decor and organic materials create an atmosphere that combines the promise of escape with memories of happier times.

Photographed by Gaelle Le Boulicaut 
Instagram : @gaelleleboulicautpics
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Bien-être, échappées, événements


Pour un séjour sur mesure sur l’île de Ré, des activités à la carte vous sont proposées, afin de vivre pleinement l’expérience d’une parenthèse centrée sur le vivant.

L’occasion de s’accorder le temps pour se reconnecter à soi et à ceux que l’on chérit, de faire le plein d’énergie positive et de nourrir sa curiosité.

Découvrez nos expériences immersives, activités découvertes et holistiques exclusives, prêtes à vivre sur l’île.


Available for private use for your business, family or artistic events, the 4 residences that make up Maisons 322 can be joined together to form a hamlet or used individually. 

Together we can create exclusive moments in life.